Thursday, April 26, 2012

Moon in Aries: The “I Am” Interview

Technically, there was a new moon on April 21st. Even though I missed it, I still wanted to celebrate with a post. So with a new moon that is a little under a week old, it makes me think of my own natal moon. I've read a bit about astrology, turns out it's a whole psudo science that can fill several volumes. I began to think about the moon and her symbol as the embodiment of all things emotional. Her maternal nature is shown through the sign of Cancer which is the mother of the zodiac. It's a big role to fill for a giant, cold rock. Still there is some paralleism that makes sense. We only have one moon, just like most of us only have one mother we are born from. She spirals on around us being a close comfort and guardian guiding us through the darkness of night. She is the celestial body that sticks the closest to us, which is pretty sweet when you think about how expansive the universe is.

My natal moon was in the sign of Aries, and it seemed like a good idea to start with the beginning of the Zodiac. The beginning is Aries, Mr. God of War himself. What can be said of the aggressive, pushy fire sign that leads all other signs into a cycle of mystery, adventure, and plenty of fireworks to light the way? Yep, that's Aries best characterized by the key phrase of “I Am”.  Everyone has a story to tell, and it seemed cathartic to make the subject of this interview, well, me. Not so innovative and childish, we all got to start somewhere. Personally, I can’t say that I’ve always like Aries. Most of the time he’s the bullying jock on the playground with too much roid rage, and at other times he’s the captain not short on courage.  Maybe that’s why we put up with his childish antics, because being the child of the Zodiac he has yet to travel the road ahead of him.

Still, this post is a retrospective on me, and I looked at my own natal chart to see what could be said about Aries to shed light on why I feel the way I feel about him. I figured the best way was to ask myself. Having a natal sun in Sagittarius, I find Aries as the second part of my “trinity” as he is uncomfortably paired with my natal moon in the second house.

1.)    What exactly does it mean to have your natal Moon in Aries?

      Traditionally, the Aries Moon has been in detriment. So, when placed within the moon it sounds like it could be a remake of the Odd Couple. From a personal stand point, it would suggest a bad relationship between the two because Aries is known for being impulsive and impatient and tuning out when not interested. The moon governs emotional ties, so it can be a pretty big bomb when the T.N.T power of Aries acts as a conductor for the emotional energy of the moon. Sometimes, I think crimes of passion or criminal escapades revolve around people with their moon in Aries… can anyone say Al Capone?

How do you feel its influences?

      I blame my Pieces Rising sign because it likes to hide it from me. My trinity is a sun in Sagittarius, Pieces rising and a moon in Aries. For a long time, I used to think that having all that mutable energy is what put me at odds with myself. Having somewhat of a bias against Aries already, I didn’t really concentrate on my moon for a long time because I didn’t feel like it really fit in with the other two placements. I tended to blame most of my shortcomings on my Venus in Scorpio. However, with the Pisces influence, I forget that the fish sometimes have me sink into cloudy water when I don’t want to witness certain things at play in my life. Nevertheless, I feel his horns ramming me the most over the small things. My irritation levels skyrocket while maneuvering through a crowded street while trying to avoid tourists. Perhaps it’s just working in New York City, but there is a definite stride I take that is fast and focused, like I’m on a mission.  I feel Aries in my ear when charged $20 dollars for a meal that could fit in a can of cat food that my more dignified Mars in Libra agreed to eat based on the collective choice of my friends. Although for fear of hurting even the restaurant chairs feelings, my Pisces Rising will find something to compliment, while my Mars in Libra decides to be diplomatic in shackling the feelings of my moon in Aries into silence by changing the subject, which leads my Aries moon to get more schizophrenic. I feel it the most when I'm in love though. There is this impulse to want to run and hug, and a high level of fire when something hits home deep like with rejection or maybe even a simple "no".

3.)    Do you feel there are any benefits to an Aries Moon?

        I would like to think most real astrologers t don’t play favorites and have an impartial view towards every placement; they are just the messengers after all. It’s like a doctor having to tell a patient that they have a terminal disease. It’s hard to feel good about it, but I think most doctors try to emphasis survivor stories. I read a few websites that people with their moon in Aries can be successful artists because their creative pursuits are tied to their emotions. Having that extra thrust can be like a shot of hope or adrenaline if need be. There have even been some statements on how the moon in Aries can make one optimistic and generous. I guess with fire it is easier to see. Aries is flashy and makes itself known, even if the bearer would like more discretion. If I’m upset, angry, or even overjoyed about anything, I might as well have a large, pink neon sign above my head. No matter what my Pisces Rising or Libra Mars have to say about it, if the feeling is strong enough, it is going to show. It might leave one to think that there is a certain level of honesty because what I present is what you’re going to get. Thankfully, the moon tends to move more rapidly through the signs, which gives a bit of a fleeting feeling to most of the “less dignified” displays that can be brought on by an Aries moon.  

Do you think the house placement makes a difference?

I guess most of astrology comes in 3 steps. You have the planets, the signs, and then the house that acts as the theatre for the other two to perform in. My Aries Moon had taken up refuge in the second house. In many ways, I think I should be thankful, because the moon can actually make up a nice home in the house of money and finances. There is a sense of values and security that is exalted in the second house when the moon occupies it, however that volatile, stubborn Aries gets in and makes a mess. I can often feel the effects of Aries in my second house with a phrase that could best sum up the experience: “Impulse Spending.”  So when I spoke about all those stifling feelings that kind of jump out of nowhere, they usually are soothed by a quick fix purchase. It should be noted that my expenses are not exurbanite, thank the stars, because I could find myself easily in debt with this placement. I tend to thank my Mercury in Capricorn for a methodical thinking that usually starts with pulling in the reigns and then tellling me that money and things can't buy a cap over that hole in your heart.  So yes, I do think the house placement makes a difference, but once again, in the case of Aries, not sure it makes a good one.

 5.)    Any last words in the Moon in Aries?

Yeah, I can’t say that I’ve been kind about it, but then again, Aries tends to let things roll off its back, and even with all the emotional highs and lows the moon can bring, so do I. With all its faults, it forces us with a shove and a holler into the world. It reminds us that with torches ablaze we can’t sit around and think all the time, take a lesson air, worry about other’s feelings, how’s that feel water, and that nothing could be built and started without its call, sorry earth. Within its grasp lies dedication and passion, and when lead with the symbolic imagery of the moon it can grant on those born under its glow their greatest gift…conviction.  

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